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20-21 Visual Arts Centre

7 Oct 2017 – 24 Jan 2018

Hate crime is an ominous, prevailing presence in contemporary society. Borders, barriers and warning signs have come to be a part of our everyday life. Still, are we being kept out, or is something being kept in?

Originally commissioned for Hull City of Culture 2017, 20-21 is excited to present Annabel McCourt’s bold, visceral installation Electric Fence. This thought-provoking and confrontational piece encourages viewers to examine the perceptions, challenges and preconceptions that impact us all in modern life, and compels us to turn to face them. Inspired by homophobic hate speech and resonating with Donald Trump’s ‘wall’, Electric Fence is grim yet unforgettable, and provides a macabre and powerful reminder of our own wicked potential.

Hull 2017 was divided into four seasons and the Electric Fence had 'chosen' its season wisely, as you will see from the City of Culture's own description:

Jul – Sep

The city enters its summer season, packed full of festivals and events that celebrate Hull’s rebellious streak and its freedom of thought, unbound by convention.

Our third season not only explores the pivotal role Hull played in the emancipation movement, as it helped to ignite the still unfinished global journey towards equality and social justice for all, but will also look at broader interpretations of freedom as a platform to create and debate, share and enjoy, reflect and reimagine.

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